This version of the course is several years out of date and parts of it will not work - it is here just for the benefit of my 2022 dissertation students who want some grounding in Leaflet and associated technologies.

GIS and the Web Solutions

The solutions will be posted here after the practical session each week:

Weekly Solutions:

Week 1 Solution (Simple Leaflet Map)

Week 2 Solution (Coordinate Transformation Map)

Week 3 Solution (Global Population Choropleth Map)

Week 4 Solution (Crime Hex Bins Map)

Week 7 Solution (Route Calculation Map)

Week 8 Solution (PPGIS)

Week 9 Solution (Line-based PPGIS)

Week 10 Part 1 Solution (Hairball Map)

Week 10 Part 2 Solution (OD Curve map)

Week 12 Solution (Green Space map)

Other Maps:

Mercator Distortion Example from Week 2 (Google Maps JavaScript API)